Greedy Angels

Amrut has released the oldest whisky it has ever bottled. This special bottling is called Greedy Angels. In eight years – in the tropical conditions of our warehouse – the two casks of malt were making the angels very happy – we lost close to 274 litres of spirit. What is left is a very exciting whisky.

Blind tasting, October 2012
At the Whisky Exchange Whisky Show at Vinopolis, London, in October 2012, Amrut Distilleries offered visitors the chance to sample Greedy Angels – but they had no idea what they were tasting. Surrinder Kumar, Amrut’s Master Distiller was there to hear what people said about the malt whisky which he and the Amrut team had created back home in Bangalore. And he was very excited – and thrilled – by the responses. Here are some of the blind tasters’ comments:

“Amazing. At first taste you get such an explosion in your mouth and then it stays for a long time. It’s really great. The nose, it has a little bit of sherry, a hint of raspberries and a little bit of – I would say, barley – going on but I’m not quite sure, because it’s very sweet.”

“It’s got a similar nose to the cask strength – that same sort of nice honey notes, but there’s something like figs in there. … a taste lovely bouquet: that is incredibly smooth … It’s got a dry finish and yet there is a sweetness on the nose certainly some fruit. It’s got a little more wood in it, so I think it’s a little bit older. It’s almost got a flavour of bananas. A dry finish very complex. It’s quite strong [speaker adds water] at the moment I’d say dried fruits but the more tropical fruits: bananas, pineapples, figs. I do absolutely love it. It’s so long, it just goes on and on. Very moorish spicy.”

“Smooth. A hint of pear drops … very citrusy. Very smooth. It’s got a taste [that] hangs in there, that doesn’t disappear. You finish it and it’s still lingering: a really long finish. That’s awesome. Fantastic. It’s a great drink. If it was on offer today, I’d buy a bottle now.

“I’m getting just a whiff of smoke. Just as it mellows down you start to get a biscuitiness, a little bit of cereal still there. It’s really nice, really smooth, a really long finish. It’s really quite delicate on your tongue – a little bit astringent, it keeps going. I really like it. I’m starting to get a little bit of fruit at the end, like dried apples. Yes, really good I like it a lot. Very tasty.”

One of the best whiskies I’ve ever drunk. Very warm. [It] traces a little tingle on the tongue. Reminds me of the good old days, lazing in front of a fire with a lovely girl. It’s great.”

“Really palatable: you can feel the aftertaste and it’s sweetish and very acceptable.

“There’s toffee, there’s green apple on the nose, there’s the hints of vanilla toffee and it’s quite a quiet nose and when you put it on the palette it gives you an initial hit of sweetness including toffee possibly even tablet … and then it just explodes with fruit with green apples, oranges it’s just huge. The finish keeps going it clings to the tongue clings to the roof of the mouth and it doesn’t give up. It keeps giving sweet fruits for a good minute or two after you’ve cleared the mouth. It’s really, really impressive. You could be forgiven from the nose for thinking that it’s not going to be a whisky that you really want to come back to again and again. But the moment you’ve had it on the palate You want more. You want more in a couple of minutes when you’ve had time for that finish to do its magic. It’s really good. I think that’s a fantastic dram.”

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